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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Beauty and the Beautiful

The Beauty and the Beautiful

Beautiful people, beautiful attires,
 Beautiful faces, cars, houses
All we ever care about

Never did we stop to appreciate the reality of beauty
The real beautiful act of sleeping and waking
Drinking a cup of water;
 And enjoying the beautiful sensation as it snake coolly down the throat
The laughter of children outside
The embrace of a loved one
The smile, laughter, joy written on your face my friend
The clear blue sky undulating;

Only caring about the hustle and bustle of surviving
Making money and acquiring properties and wealth
Never taking a deep breath
And inhaling the pure fresh scent of Mother Nature
Never pausing to appreciate the beautiful gift of your friendship and love

Thinking of the error of my ways;
 Not only managed to coax
 But a flood of beautiful tears from my eyes
Knowing that the ultimate beauty lies in having you in my life

The communion…

The communion…
I tasted heaven on the evening of Good Friday
Never have I tasted nectar so pure
Like fire; burning a course
From the root of the hair;
Snaking down the spine
To scorch the toe

O maiden,
Your kiss is a raging inferno;
Purging my being;
Renewing in its essence
Making the heart race and stop beating: simultaneously
Of course,
You are the communion I never tasted
You are the last person I ever wanted to kiss again
And the only person I ever wanted to kiss again